Widbrook Equestrian Centre is a Pony Club Centre. We hold rallies, events and competitions for children who do not own a pony but would like to join The Pony Club. It also gives children the opportunity to take their achievemnet badges and efficiency certificates.

Pony Club Achievement Badges – Wednesday 15 February 2pm – 3pm. SM – Flags of the equestrian nations (Olympic themed). Instructor: Karen. Cost: £4. Booking required by 12 February.

3pm – 4pm SM – Map reading. Instructor: Karen. Cost: £4. Booking required by 12 February.

Opportunity to be tested for your badge if considered ready. Some preparation at home advisable before attending.

Pony Club dress code and hat rules:

The Pony Club as an institution requires a high standard of turnout of the membership at all times while participating in any Pony Club activities.

With this in mind the Widbrook Centre has decided to adopt a dress code to encourage its membership to take pride in its centre, themselves and the ponies’ turnout. The implications, where our members’ health, safety and welfare are concerned, are obvious. New clothing is not expected but what is worn should be clean, neat and tidy.

Clothing: Pony Club sweatshirts/polo shirts to be worn when attending Pony Club events (rallies, competitions/tests).
Cream or dark jodhpurs.
Gloves recommended for all mounted activities.

Hats: It is mandatory for all riders to wear a protective helmet manufactured to one of the minimum standards. It must bear the CE mark and a quality symbol, whether the BSI kitemark, the SAI global symbol  or the official Snell label with number.
Riding hats for Pony Club activities must be covered with a blue or black cover only.
Hats should be correctly fitted and chin straps fastened at all times while mounted.
Long hair must be tied back neatly off the face or secured in a hair net.

Footwear: Jodhpur boots or leather/rubber riding boots only may be worn.
Half chaps or gaiters may be worn but must be of the same colour as the footwear and should not have tassels or coloured braiding. In the interest of safety, muckers, Wellington boots and trainers may not be worn when mounted.

Body protectors: These are currently only compulsory for X-C activities.

Pony Club badges: These should be worn at any activity where members are involved.

Jewellery: No jewellery is to be worn while mounted - you will be asked to remove anything considered inappropriate in the interest of safety. Sleepers and studs may be worn.

For more information contact Karen Griggs or Stella James on 01225 862608.

The Pony Club celebrates its 85th anniversary this year. If you're not already a member and want to become a centre member through Widbrook call the office for more details.

More information on the Pony Club website www.pcuk.org